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Online dating, or internet dating, is not a new concept. It has been in existence for a long time. An online dating service provider, generally a website or a software application, offers a wide variety of unmoderated services, most of which are based on a user’s profile and preferences. The best dating sites enable their users to find and introduce themselves to hundreds and thousands of connections to develop personal, sexual, or romantic relationships.

However, the entire world has still not opened up to the idea of online dating. There is a considerable negative social stigma around these websites. The question that everyone has at the back of their minds is, ‘whether online dating sites are just for hooking up, or do they help you find trustworthy and committed partners?

While they may not be entirely correct in thinking the way they do, we would not blame them for their apprehensions. The increasing number of fake and fraudulent sites advertising themselves as true love dating sites or real love dating sites is a matter of concern. These sites rob people of their hard-earned money by sending them fake emails or text messages through imposters hired to act as fake prospective partners. So, even though people may be interacting with someone through these sites, they will never be able to forge a long-lasting, committed relationship or find true love.

About Two Are One

With Two Are One, the good news is you no longer have to worry about getting an answer to the umpteen number of negative thoughts taking shape in your mind around online dating sites. We have always taken a straightforward approach to dating since the time we started in 2008. Our mission is to ‘allow people worldwide, looking for serious relationships, to find their perfect partner’. We are a dating website that puts you in complete control by helping you gain an exclusive insight into someone before you meet them. Our motto is to provide the best online dating experience by connecting serious relationship seekers with their desired partners and putting you in control of who you “Get To Know” and meet.

How Does Two Are One Work?

Two Are One is different from other dating websites. Here, we help you create a perfect profile where you can add videos highlighting your best qualities and upload pictures that reflect your lifestyle. The next step is to answer questions in all the categories that are important to people. The process helps others understand you, your attitude towards life, and your opinion on important matters. You are then able to see other people’s profiles and how they answered their questions. Once done, we then match you with the top overall percentage of how other people answered the same questions in each category. You will be able to view the overall percentage of how others answered the same questions as compared to you and what percentage you are compatible in each category. Once you figure out that you are interested in someone, you can then click on individual categories to see how the person who interests you answered each question individually. It helps you find the most important things that matter to you and enables you to “Get to Know” someone before you even start communicating with them. Two Are One puts you in control of “Getting to Know” someone before ever meeting them. Once you find someone you have always been looking for, you can begin communicating and going out on dates when you decide it is time.

What’s more, you can even download our free ebook to help guide you on how you can find your perfect match. The ebook highlights how you can avoid some common dating mistakes and find the person best for you.

So what are you waiting for? Create your profile today at Two Are One, start getting to know about people, and find that special someone you have always wanted in your life.

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